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Exhibit A - Media Bias

Galleria Italica

Welcome to our showcase of videos that illustrate the significance of our Italic heritage, often overlooked or denigrated by American culture. These videos, most produced by the IIA, are hosted on YouTube. (Click on the title if you prefer to open the video in a separate YouTube window.)

Francis Ford Coppola - Godfather of Defamation
Running time: 2:35.
On the 44th anniversary of "The Godfather," we present the case that Francis Ford Coppola set Italian Americans back by a hundred years by resurrecting the crude, amoral stereotypes first created by turn-of-the-century "yellow" journalism. The film criminalized the history of the Italian American immigrant experience and reaffirmed the belief that criminal behavior is an essential aspect of Italian culture. Worst of all, it has created a billion-dollar spin-off industry which has spread to every conceivable media outlet in America---television, books, theatre, advertising, cable, video games and even CHILDRENS' animated films like "Shark Tale" and "Zootopia."
Hollywood's Italian Stereotypes: A Century of No Progress
Produced by Bill Dal Cerro.
Running time: 7:01.
Stereotypes about Italians abound in Hollywood films, even to this day. This video is a short documentary that illustrates our main points about Hollywood's continuing mistreatment of Italian Americans.

The video includes excerpts of recent ignominious films and summarizes the results of a survey conducted by the IIA (film study).

America: the Italian Legacy
Chapter 1: Law and Equality

Produced by Frank Vitale.
Running time 19:24.

Geraldine Ferraro
NOTE: This DVD is narrated by the late Geraldine Ferraro (D-NY), the first American woman ever selected as a vice-presidential candidate for a major party (1984).

Our Italic Heritage
Produced by Don Fiore.
Running time 2:33.
Brief overview of only a few of the many Italian contributions to our common way of life. Music by Giuseppe Verdi.
Italian Women
Produced by Don Fiore.
Running time: 2:36.
Overview of historic accomplishments by Italian women.
The Aurora Program of the Italic Institute of America
Produced by the IIA.
Running time 5:31.
The Ara Pacis (Altar of Peace) Monument in Rome
Produced by Altair4 Multimedia.
Running time 4:15.
Italian American Visions: Portraits of 20th Century Immigration
Produced by Tony De Nonno.
Running time 13:51.

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