E Pluribus Chaos!

 I know that ethnic diversity is a glorious buzzword these days, without any negative connotations.  The so-called American mosaic, they say, enriches us.  But our diversity has exploded beyond ethnicity into every permutation of the human condition: religion, politics, sex, and even diet.

Who honestly believes that “ONE from many” actually describes America today?

With the advent of social media and infinite cable TV choices, we have broken down into scores of mutually exclusive interest groups.  Depending on your viewing preferences, the nation is either falling apart or on the threshold of utopia.

Last week, a federal appeals court upheld a men-only military draft.  Of course, there hasn’t been a draft since 1973, but only men aged 18-26 are still required to register for it.  The court dismissed a suit by the National Coalition for Men to extend the requirement to women.  The coalition’s attorney was Marc Angelucci, 52, who would have appealed the case to the Supreme Court had he not been murdered in July.  The case may still move forward, but the idea of a draft is mindboggling.

Is it possible to produce an effective non-volunteer army from a society as fragmented as ours?  We managed to do so in four wars last century, but those days are long gone. The military is struggling to accommodate women in the combat branches, to deal with transsexuals and with turbans.  But, imagine an army with burqa-wearing privates, Hassidic drill sergeants, and people with dietary prohibitions.  The exemptions alone would disqualify three-quarters of the draftees.  Try providing hot meals to an army of finicky eaters in the field.

Diversity requires us to recognize the right of people to be different, but those diverse groups further demand full accommodation.

In politics, we are heading toward a quota system based on race, gender identity, religion, and ideological dogma.  Choosing Kamala Harris, a Black and Indian female, to run with Joe Biden was a requirement for party unity, as is a socialist platform.  Be sure that a Biden administration will be consumed with its quest for diversity.  It may be the only way to keep the government running and the streets peaceful.

Speaking of peace…

Will a Biden-Harris victory provoke street violence by the right?  Will fascism rear its head, as many leftists and media pundits fear?  History shows that the ‘left provokes, the right reacts.’  When tradition and order are challenged, conservatives awaken.  We certainly have the makings of societal upheaval today with Antifa street violence, police defunding, and calls for wealth redistribution and reparations.  Nevertheless, the nation is well past a fascist reaction.

Let’s look at Italy in 1922, when Fascism took hold.

Italy was a hotbed of leftist turmoil – labor strikes, street violence, assassinations, kidnappings, multiple parties on the left.  After the First World War, even though victorious, “Italy was on the verge of falling apart.  Parliament was regarded even by its own members as a corrupt bazaar where favors were divvied out to those with political and social connections.” [Fascism: A Warning, Madeleine Albright]

Today, we have the Red Pandemic and dire economic hardship to roil our streets.  But unlike Italy, our population is so diverse that any appeal to a fascistic “nationalism” is a joke.  Without nationalism there is no Fascism.  Whatever violent reaction the right may employ, it will be vigilante, not Fascist.

It is ‘Lebanonization’ that I fear, where 18 religious and ethnic factions use a quota system to run that country.  And, if you keep up with current events, Lebanon is suffering mightily – a basket case.  Some Lebanese have even begged French President Macron to take over the country, as France did after World War I, to restore sanity.

Depending on who you include, I would guess the U.S. has more than eighteen leftist factions demanding accommodation – including our illegal aliens!  Everyone wants a seat at the table and some kind of financial support.  The only thing keeping the factions of the left together is White guilt.

Last week, President Trump’s Dept. of Justice accused Yale University of discriminating against Asian and White applicants to give Blacks an edge.  Asians, who filed the original complaint, now fear that the publicity will  pit them against African Americans. Can’t have it both ways!

In time, the White scapegoat will no longer insure the unity of minorities.  Diversity will eventually lead to chaos. -JLM

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