Wisdom or Hogwash?

The more we live through these days of racial protest, the more I’m convinced that it’s really about political ideology.  It may have started with the murder of George Floyd and Black Lives Matter but it has taken a noticeable turn with the flooding of White utopians onto the streets.

If Trump supporters are “deplorables,” I would deem the White protesters and rioters “airheads.”  Like so many dreamers before them, they deny human nature, pining instead for a world without differences – utopia.   They think they have found the ultimate enemy and the ultimate cure.  In this case, their own cruel race is the source of all evil, and the cure is its destruction.  By that I mean its cultural destruction.

Race relations are not as bad as mainstream media would have you believe.  After all, America has come a long way since the end of slavery.  African Americans have achieved impressive strides through their own courageous struggles.  They now have a loud voice in both the print and visual media.  Their protest power is enormous.  Their political power is substantial.   And, they have a wealthy class, gained through immense talent in politics, sports, and entertainment.

In mainstream media, I read and see only those Black leaders who demand more from society while ignoring the self-destruction of African American families and culture.  By contrast, on FOX News you can see an array of Black conservatives, men and women that we never thought existed, who share the same values as us, such as the need to restore nuclear families.  FOX News actually gives me a more positive outlook for race relations than other news sources.  To be sure, the liberal media and Black leaders consider these conservatives Uncle Toms, stooges of FOX News.  But, they sound sincere, and they are not asking for reparations or government funding.  So, who are the real stooges?

Back to our White airheads.

So, these White airheads and anarchists have latched onto Black Lives Matter in order to realize their own dreams of life without pain.  To make their bones, they infiltrated “peaceful” Black protests to participate in smashing storefront windows, igniting police cars, firebombing buildings, and demolishing public monuments.  CNN apologist Chris Cuomo, the NYS governor’s brother, acknowledging the violence and without a modicum of embarrassment, asked rhetorically, “Show me where it says that protests are supposed to be polite and peaceful”  No one at CNN would answer that, but someone at FOX happened to know the First Amendment “…the right of the people peaceably to assemble…”  Another reason you need to diversify your news intake.

I don’t know where Chris Cuomo, as a paesano, stands on destroying Columbus monuments.  (We know that Nancy Pelosi has publicly stated that she has no problem with it.) But, he is very much in sync with whatever protesters are demanding or doing these days.  Nevertheless, these are our Italian Americans role-models!

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the godmother of the anti-White movement, Robin DiAngelo, author of the bestseller White Fragility.  Her “White Guilt” manifesto has morphed into a new neurosis called “White Toxicity,” a compendium of bad habits White people suffer from.

Don’t laugh, but attributes we used to think of as the foundation of an orderly society turn out to be the cause of the nation’s racial problems.  The White obsession for “written over oral.” “punctuality,” “delayed gratification,” “perfectionism,” “scientific thinking,” “speaking the King’s English,” “work before play,” are all impediments to Black equality, according to the new theory.

Just as the Black Lives Matter mission statement dismisses the need for nuclear families, a new crop of White pin-heads sees no need for these onerous attributes since they have given White people all their privileges while putting roadblocks up to Black success.

Even some White liberals have a problem with this absurd new theory.  However, I found an op-ed and full magazine article in the NYTimes taking it seriously.  The beauty of “White Toxicity” is that it also relieves young White airheads of the need to use their brains.  If the theory catches on, and universities and businesses can be convinced to accept the lazy and stupid, mental anguish will disappear, and racial equality and utopia will follow.

Too bad Columbus wasn’t as lazy and stupid as his detractors, he would have stayed home and we would be spared this hogwash.  -JLM

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