Running with the Mob

If you haven’t seen the video clip of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi condoning the destruction of monuments, including a Columbus statue in her old hometown of Baltimore last week, it’s quite disturbing.

Here is an 80-year old Italian American lady, born Nancy D’Alessandro, sounding like Maximillien Robespierre of the French Revolution, instigator of the Reign of Terror that sent some 25,000 Frenchmen to the guillotine.  In Pelosi’s case, it could be 25,000 statues because, “I don’t care that much about the statues…People do what they do.”  Like Robespierre, Nancy thinks she is one with the mob.  More disturbing was her flippant attitude and smirk in fending off a reporter’s question about the rule of law.  Baltimore’s outgoing Democratic Mayor Bernard Young, who is Black, condemned the mob and vowed to punish those that can be identified.

Pelosi has been the darling of our community, being the first female Speaker of the House and third-in-line of presidential succession.  But, as I have written many times before, her attachment to our community is nominal.  Her San Francisco constituency is strongly LGBTQ and her loyalty is to AIPAC, the Jewish-Israeli lobby.  Her disgraceful display on Thursday confirms that if Columbus Day becomes a Congressional issue, she will send the Great Navigator to the guillotine and knit a sweater for Black Lives Matter as the blade drops. (Sorry, I borrowed that image from A Tale of Two Cities!)

We have been told by many that Nancy and other moderates will steer the street mob and young agents of change in Congress toward more acceptable paths.  But, as we learned from Robespierre, the mob can turn on a dime, for he himself was hauled away in a tumbrel to his beheading.  Pelosi’s playing to the mob on Thursday looked more like running with the lions than taming them.   For an octogenarian, getting trampled is the more likely outcome.

If Columbus survives Nancy and all our cowardly academics, it will be a miracle.  At this point, I wouldn’t entrust Western Civilization to Pelosi or our two-faced “scholars.”  Everyone is in a job preservation mode.  They will throw as much heritage and history overboard to keep their leaky dinghies afloat.  The Columbus statue in Baltimore was toppled and cast into the harbor with Nancy’s blessing – my point exactly.

Unless mainstream media suddenly puts the brakes on this cultural revolution, it will steamroll both the Democrats and Republicans in a minority power grab.  The nation has gotten well beyond the murder of George Floyd and vandalizing statues. The call now is for social revolution and utopia.  The NYTimes is going off the deep end publishing manifestos by people who think Western Civilization and capitalism are mere card tricks – just reshuffle the deck and you get a full house, actually a free house.  I read about utopian movements throughout history, but I never thought such delusions could reappear in this age of reality shows.

“…America must undergo a vast social transformation produced by the adoption of bold national policies.”  -Nikole Hannah-Jones (NYTimes Magazine 6/28/20)

Just as Columbus made discovering America look easy, our recent boom-times has led some to take the fundamentals of capitalism for granted.  The overriding theme of BLM and young Black scholars is that the nuclear family is no longer a building block to success.  So says Hannah-Jones (quoted above) and the BLM mission statement:

“We disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure requirement by supporting each other as extended families and “villages” that collectively care for one another, especially our children…”

A growing chorus of Blacks and anarchists are demanding forgiveness of student debt and cash reparations as a start to White atonement for slavery, Jim Crow, and White Privilege.  Hannah-Jones suggests recipients should “identify” as Black for at least ten years and trace one ancestor back to slavery to win the jackpot.  For now, she will allow middle-class Euro-Americans to keep whatever family wealth they have accumulated as a result of oppressing African Americans.

Muslim attorney Amna Akbar at Ohio State University cheers on Defund the Police and Cancel Rent movements:  “…the people making these demands want a new society… and a radical vision for the future.” [NYTimes Review 7/12/20]

As Americans of Italian stock, we have a special attachment to the nuclear family and capitalism – they grew from Roman roots.  Will our befuddled politicians and academics collaborate in their demise? – JLM



4 thoughts on “Running with the Mob”

  1. Someone should have shared the video below with Speaker Pelosi. It’s from the Joe Rogan Radio Show from 2018, and it features the brilliant African American astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson.

    In it, Dr. Tyson rationally explains why Columbus’s voyage remains worthy of being acknowledged. Those protesters should have been polishing the statue, not destroying it.

    The clip is 7:00 minutes long, but, master teacher that he is, Dr. Tyson keeps it short and compelling:

  2. Yours is a terrific summation of where we stand and what we face. My only quibble with what you write is your use of the present tense in referring to the NY Slimes, aka Times. The Times editors are not “going off the deep end” they have been GONE for many moons. Remember, this is the paper that holds on to the Pulitzer won by the lying Marxist sympathizer, Walter Duranty, who filed “reports” from what he viewed as the Stalinist paradise; an inferno not Paradiso where 3 to 5 million Ukrainians were starved to death or shot if found to be an enemy of the glorious communist revolution.

  3. Nany Pelosi is a disgrace to Italian Catholics and Italian Americans.

    She has forgotten her roots, she has forgotten her Father and she has forgotten her country in favor of mob rule.

    We are gradually moving further and further over to where history has no meaning and a new culture is beginning to pervade us. Perhaps all of the Italian Americans who fought in wars and battles for our freedoms did so in vain.

    We need to make sure that we no longer remain silent or our culture will be lost forever!

  4. Given the present atmosphere, it is inevitable that Columbus Day parades will become a magnet for violent protests. It was not that long ago that Ward Churchill and his supporters threw urine on Columbus Day marchers in Denver, and shouted out “mafia scum”. That was probably mild compared to what we are likely to see in the future. I am sure that we will not see Nancy Pelosi as the grand marshal in a Columbus Day parade any time soon.

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