June in Tatters

The Red Pandemic is still with us, as are the 20,000 “wet markets” of China and Southeast Asia that spawned it.  The eyes of the West are focused on getting back to normal and blaming ourselves for the virus’s spread.  It seems bizarrely easier to destroy our economies and bury our tens of thousands of dead than to raise a ruckus about Chinese exotic eating habits and its “medicinal” need for wild animal parts.

Speaking of Covid-19, U.S. deaths have now exceeded 125,000 but less than Europe’s 155,000  (counting only six European countries that, when combined, equal the U.S. population.)  Those countries are France, Italy, UK, Spain, Germany, and Belgium, all with national health systems and a mix of liberal/conservative governments.  Go figure!

This month has also seen the unravelling of American culture.  White and Black anarchists have been defacing and destroying statues all over the nation, including those of Abe Lincoln, General Grant, and Union abolitionists. Christopher Columbus has been on every anarchist hit list since 1992. His very name is now poison, even in Columbus, Ohio, where some folks want to change the state capital’s name to anything but an Italian genius.  His statues have been toppled in St Paul, Minnesota; in Boston; in Richmond, VA; defaced in Miami and Kenosha, WI.  New York City’s Columbus Circle monument is under guard.

I once imagined the addition of Giovanni Caboto  ̶  the explorer who claimed North America for England on June 24, 1497, launching the future USA  ̶  to our galaxy of American heroes, but real achievement cannot compete with political correctness.  Instead, we in New York State will be celebrating Juneteenth in 2021 – the day in 1865 that slaves in Texas were informed they were free.  Who knew that holidays can now be based on “breaking news!”  No doubt, Juneteenth will be a national holiday by 2022.

African Americans, I predict, will have two national holidays (Juneteenth and Martin Luther King Day).  Indigenous People will eventually snatch Columbus Day from us.  But, what of all the other groups in our mosaic?  How will America become relevant to them and their descendants?  New York City schools are already closed for Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, and Chinese holidays.  The various minorities who have watched the cultural revolution unfold this month know that Euro-America is in its death-throes.  Society is fully under the control of pandering corporations who own social media, mainstream news, and most of our politicians.  They have no commitment to traditional values or Euro-centric culture.  To them, this country hasn’t 331 million “Americans,” only so many consumers.  It isn’t even a country, but a mere link in a global business network.

Think about how the media confronts us each month with a different minority crisis.  One month it was victimized women; another month oppressed illegal aliens; after that, “innocent” China blamed for a pandemic; then there was gay-bashing, anti-Semitism, xenophobia, the Muslim visa ban, the agony of transsexuals, and so on.  If you want to see how diverse we have become, just read the NYTimes editorial and op-ed sections.  Everyone has a gripe, and the culprit is always White racism.

I often wonder how it is that all the minorities get along so well with each other, in the media’s world.  Hindus and Muslims are old buddies here, although not in South Asia.  Jews and Muslims couldn’t be more convivial, except outside the USA.  The myriad gender-obsessed minorities seem to endorse each other’s proclivities, forgetting totally how their promiscuity brought the world a pandemic of AIDS back in the 1980s.

We don’t hear a peep out of the Asian community as Black Lives Matter and White anarchists tear up the country.  Do we assume they also blame White racism for whatever problems they have?  Do Muslim Americans fully endorse the LGBTQ agenda, and vice versa?  Do Asians think the police should be defunded and banned from their neighborhoods?  No one is talking.  Everyone wants to keep this a White-Black conflict.

Is the Euro-American the only problem?  Is having militant minorities good for the country?  Let us beware of the Lebanon example, where 18 competing religious sects tenuously share power under a constitution from 1926.  That country is a huge mess – socially and economically – even though the population is ethnically uniform.

A “balanced ticket” is an old political game to win elections.  But, are we moving beyond “balanced” and into power shifting by media?   ̶ JLM

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