The Great Myth Replacement

If you think the current civil turmoil we are enduring is all about police brutality, you are not paying attention.

The earthquake that began in Minneapolis with the murder of George Floyd by a White policeman was caused by a massive tectonic plate shift:  Africa has collided with Europe, and with it a tsunami of new myths is engulfing us.  The very foundation of Western Civilization is cracking under the strain.  Sounds melodramatic, but hear me out.

The tension between African Americans and law enforcement is real and has passed the breaking point.  Whether it was precipitated by Blacks resisting arrest or from mistaken identity, African Americans can rightfully claim undue violence by the police.  Yet, the police can argue that much of their enforcement duties and risk revolve around the Black community.  But, we are long past any debate.

Resisting arrest is off the table.  Black crime statistics are off the table.  Black-on-White crime is off the table.  African American social disintegration is off the table.  What is left on the table is White privilege, White racism, and 400 years of White oppression.  And, even the table itself must be replaced – the myth of the United States of America.

Admittedly, older White Americans were raised on a steady diet of Euro-American greatness – from discovering America to the victories of World War II.  We wrote the history and embellished it with mythology – the sacred Founding Fathers and “all men are created equal.”  As Italian Americans, we not only embraced that history upon arrival but tacked on two thousand years of our own greatness – from Roman civilization to our sweat and blood on these shores.  Now, all these facts and myths are on the chopping block.  A new negative version of White history must precede the New Order.

It was once called Black Power, today it is a social and economic revolution known as the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement.  It differs from the traditional civil rights struggle in that equal opportunity is not the goal, myriad laws already  insure that.  Rather, it is a demand for a transfer of wealth and power.  What is also different is the number of White Americans who are part of this revolution, in many cases over 60% of BLM protesters are White.  They too want to replace White mythology with a Black one.  But, make no mistake, African American history is just as mythologized as White.

Centuries of Black and Muslim slavers disappear in this mythology, while White “kidnapping” of Africans becomes the original sin.  America’s wealth, they tell us, came on the backs of Black slaves, not White ingenuity and risk-taking.  I would contest that with the example of “King Cotton,” which only produced Southern wealth after the invention of the cotton gin by a White guy from Connecticut, not solely Negro cotton-picking.

The New Order requires the demonization of Western Civilization and magnifying Euro-American guilt in order to recruit a young generation of White collaborators.  Academia  has worked overtime to insulate itself from Black ire by accelerating the demonization of Whites.    Educators must match historical perspectives to their diverse student body to make history “relevant.”  In doing so, Euro-Caucasian imperialism is fully exploited, but the outrages of Africans, Muslims, and Asians and their miserable treatment of women are minimized.  In the media, the A & E reality show Cops has been cancelled after 32 years to avoid broadcasting actual Black bad behavior.

It is not a grand truth that is coming with the rise of minorities.  It is a ho-hum dismissal of Western progress: anybody could have discovered America; the Americas were a paradise, as was Africa, before the White man despoiled them; Islam saved scholarship during the Dark Ages and was the font of all tolerance (how did that turn out?);  India and China were the well-springs of civilization, even though they knew nothing of democracy or equality.

Today’s NYTimes has a 2-page ad by African American media mogul Byron Allen, private owner of nine cable networks including the Black Entertainment Television (BET), with a 10-point program for White America to mend its ways.  He lists the following vulnerable groups who only “want PEACE!!!” (his emphasis) from White America “but have been denied it:”  Native Americans, Hispanics, Asians, Muslims, Jews, and Blacks.

They not only want PEACE, but a PIECE of our soul.  -JLM

4 thoughts on “The Great Myth Replacement”

  1. The MO is changing weekly. We are in the midst of revolution and if this does not stop, the USA as we know it will be done and we might as well emigrate back to the old Country.

    Black America has made many inroads in all areas of life. Is there still Black hatred? Yes, and it could be subtle or outright. However, for a lot of African Americans, many have come out of the ghetto and are in jobs and position that they were not in 50 years ago.

    The issue is the generation upon generation that continues to “buck the trend” in the ghettos and learn from their parents, grandparents and so on. If they have made it, they do not protest. Many of them refuse to bring themselves out of the doldrums that they have been in for years. They need to “buck the real trend” and be independent, get the education they need, and get into a better way of life like many have, whether it be in sports, education, the arts, etc. and there are many examples of success.

    In addition, they need to stop blaming the European system for the oppression. Italians as well as many in the Mediteranean basin were oppressed for many years by (north) Africans but came out of it and survived.

    Enough of this now! It is polarizing the nation!!

  2. I enjoy your weekly posts, and you always deliver excellent points, which need to be discussed, and debated.
    It seems that the thread that runs through your posts is that both history, and news, needs to be taught and reported honestly and factually; not leaving out unpleasant realities.

  3. ONLY THING THAT MATTERS NOW IS THE SURVIVAL OF ITALIAN AMERICA. The Italian American national identity is at risk with the movement to take away our heritage in the tearing down of Columbus and Columbus day by a false rewriting of history to advance a political agenda. This is the time that we should be advancing a broader Italian American awakening. we know our story so lets tell it. We know the Columbus story so lets tell it.

    1. I agree with WC’s statement. It will be interesting to see where people with Italic surnames fit into all of this. Columbus is THE symbol, to much of America and the world, of Italian culture–even though, ironically, he was first promoted and revered by WASP (White Anglo Saxon Protestant) Americans, hence the Anglicization of his name to “Christopher Columbus.” We have to reiterate that the holiday is really not about the man, but what he achieved–the bringing together of two worlds, which had both good and bad consequences. The bad was bad: the suffering of blacks and Native Americans. But, the good was also good: the formation of a nation called the United States of America, which allows for the freedom of speech which today’s angry activists fully employ and enjoy.

      Just remember: It was Thomas Jefferson’s neighbor in Charlottesville, VA, the Italian political writer Filippo Mazzei, who forged the words, “all men are created equal.” How the Founding Father chose to deal with that dictum–that is, not at all, they ignored slavery to appease southern reps at the Constitutional Convention–haunts us still. Not Mazzei’s fault!

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