The Leaky Roof

So, your old roof leaks and rain water pours into your living space.  Do you blame yourself for failing to replace your roof or blame your wife for not having enough pots and pans to catch the deluge?

Apply that analogy to the Wuhan Virus that has rained down on millions of souls around the world and destroyed economies for years to come.  Sure, our virus “roof” has leaked for decades, starting in my lifetime with the Asian Flu of 1957. That flu killed some 100,000 Americans and about 2 million others worldwide.  Yet, American society wasn’t locked down, and except for large-scale absenteeism, life went on.  There were no pots and pans in those days – no masks, PPE, or respirators.  My mother made me wear a small bag of camphor around my neck – I don’t recall if I caught the flu or not.  Out of that pandemic came the flu vaccine, our first defensive tool.

Flu vaccines have been the bulwark of our viral defense ever since.  We have no tradition of wearing face masks when we catch cold, so stockpiling such things isn’t second nature to us.  We reluctantly accept the casualties from viruses and trust our technology to protect us.

It took Western science two thousand years to awaken us from a religious view of disease as God’s punishment or Satan’s work to causation by Nature.  Whether disease comes from insects, animals, or vitamin deficiency we have been taught to address it at its source – drain the swamp, chlorinate the water, enrich rice and flour, and inspect food production.  Roman philosopher Lucretius wrote of atoms and germs fifty years before Christ.  Roman city planners studied the health of inhabitants living around mountain springs before they constructed aqueducts to carry that water to Rome.

Today, science tells us we must fear wild animal contamination that can pass from human-to-human.  Remember HIV/AIDS?  It came from Africa, from monkeys butchered for consumption by locals.  Ebola, many believe, came the same way.  It’s called “bush meat” in Africa and although some countries have banned it, it’s still going on.  The pressure to stop the practice eased up when an Italic scientific team developed a treatment to control HIV.

In Red China and southeast Asia, so-called wet markets are back in business after a temporary shutdown.  The Wuhan Virus was traced to bats that infected wild civet cats, which are a Chinese delicacy.  These cats also carried the SARS virus which appeared in 2003.  Here’s an excerpt from the British newspaper The Guardian from May, 2003:

“Civet is one of the main ingredients in the exotic wildlife dish ‘Dragon-Tiger-Phoenix Soup’, for which wealthy Chinese in Guangdong province will pay large sums.  The soup is flavoured with chrysanthemum petals and includes shreds of civet cat and snake…The sale of civet cat is banned in Hong Kong, but people still cross into China to eat it, and other exotic animals. It is widely believed in southern China that eating wildlife can increase the vigour of human organs… One of China’s first confirmed SARS patients, Huang Xingchu, 34, worked as a cook in a Shenzhen restaurant.”

Back to the roof!

On Friday, Dr. Peter ben Embarek of the World Health Organization announced that live animal markets are necessary to food security in certain areas (i.e., Red China) and around the world, and to close them will only cause disruption. [emphasis added]

Let me repeat that: the W.H.O., guardian of global health, does not want to disrupt Chinese dietary habits.  Better that millions of innocent people die from disease-ridden Asian markets and we go to the poor house than disband them.  This is why some believe W.H.O. is in Red China’s pocket.

According to a TV news report in April, China has encouraged wildlife breeding and farming operations for medicine, fur, and eating. This industry includes poaching and is valued at $18 billion per year and employed more than six million people in 2016.

In that same report, Dr. Anthony Fauci was asked about wet markets and said, “It boggles my mind when we have so many diseases that emanate out of that unusual human-animal interface that we don’t just shut it down. I don’t know what else has to happen to get us to appreciate that.”

 Note to Dr. Fauci: Buy more pots and pans!  -JLM

1 thought on “The Leaky Roof”

  1. Reading this article just contributes to my level of frustration and anger at what has occurred in our world, and especially here in the USA WHERE I AM A CITIZEN.

    We have been brought to our knees, so to speak, by a country that has infected the world. Sure, cover it up politically correct folks, and tell us it came form Europe to the USA, but NO folks, it started in China owing to their centuries of just not heeding the advice as to prevent such diseases. It is disgusting! Make the Government of China pay for it worldwide, and stay away from W.H.O.!! Our lives will NEVER, EVER be the same.

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