Typhoid China

Thanks to Italy’s reliance on Chinese immigrants and mainland factories to produce its luxury goods, a viral apocalypse has drained whatever financial strength Italy possessed.  The same can be said of many infected countries around the world, including the USA.  Enormous debt, economies in reverse, and a new age of poverty have all come from the Middle Kingdom.

When in history have we faced such a multi-layered threat coming from one country – economically, militarily, technologically, and virally?  Never!  The Wuhan Virus is only the latest, most deadly, of the human misery coming from Red China.  Every year, that country produces flus and viruses from its uncontrolled menagerie of edible creatures.  Each year, our scientists must guess what variation of flu China will export to kill thousands of Americans, so we can prepare a vaccine.  Annual Chinese plagues are as predictable as hurricanes, yet we accept them with fewer complaints.

While we have finally discovered that Red China has stolen or conned our technology and copyrights, we have only now come to realize it controls our vital health supplies as well.  What were we thinking?

When Nixon opened China in 1971, every American corporation licked its chops:  one billion new customers!  But, classic economics taught even college students that factories relocate for cheaper labor.  Not only were the Chinese our new consumers, they were smart enough to lure our corporations with cheap labor while simultaneously fleecing them of industrial secrets.  We propelled medieval China into the 21st Century, giving them not only the skills, industrial secrets, and factories but the cash to subvert the world.  Red China is already savvy enough to export robots and computers, and soon cars and airliners.  What else is left?  Roman author Pliny the Elder wrote of Roman women wasting the empire’s gold and silver for Chinese silk and other luxuries. Today, China peddles luxury knock-offs and deadly narcotics.

Opening Communist China was to be a win-win situation.  With the influx of Western goods and technology, democracy would somehow sprout.  What has sprouted instead is an ambition to squeeze every drop of knowledge from the West – to educate a new class of Communist elite at Western universities – not in democratic ways but in skills to undermine us.

The recent news of coronavirus aboard the aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt caused us political turmoil.  That ship was patrolling in the South China Sea in our continuing efforts to keep Red China from taking over that international waterway.  This was the reason the captain was relieved – he had publicly revealed that the ship was combat compromised.  Red China is doing what the Japanese tried to do in 1941 – create an empire in southeast Asia.  It has already annexed Tibet in west Asia and is subjugating its adjacent Muslim Uighar (WE-gar) region with mass lockdowns.  It has bought its way into Africa, the Middle East, and Europe making loans to already debt-ridden countries, taking port facilities and mines for collateral.  When the USSR did such things we waged a Cold War.

Only now have we come to realize that we are playing 3-dimensional chess with Red China.  Its geographic ambitions and its economic monopolies do not threaten us as much as its mega-health dangers.  Western technology lifted many boats in China but it has yet to stop peasant habits that unleash disease.  Here’s an excerpt from Smithsonian Magazine (Nov. 2017) explaining why disease comes annually from China:

“[The street vendor] slit their throats, tossed the flapping birds into a greasy four-foot-tall ceramic pot, and waited for the blood-spurting commotion to die down. A few minutes later he dunked the chickens in boiling water. To de-feather them, he turned to a sort of ramshackle washing machine with its rotating drum studded with rubber protuberances. Soon, feathers and sludge splashed onto a pavement slick with who knows what.”

The first order of new business should be to shake up the World Health Organization for botching the early warning of the Wuhan Virus.  After that, it should relocate its headquarters from Geneva to Red China, the homeland of plagues.  Let the W.H.O. experts confront the lion – or Horseshoe Bat – in its den, to better safeguard the world.

We once saved China from Imperial Japan.  We must now save it from itself, and the world with it. -JLM

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