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The death toll in Italy from the coronavirus is 10,790 – an appalling figure, more victims than any country on earth.  Spain with 6,500 dead has now surpassed Red China, the source of this pandemic.  These two small Latin nations account for half the world’s total!

There are many reasons offered why Italians have succumbed so readily.  But, the nagging question is how did Italy become the epicenter of the virus in Europe?

Global capitalism requires corporations to produce their products at the optimum price.  Italian fashion houses like Verace, Prada, Gucci, et al found that China had the skilled workforce to meet the high quality consumers expect from Italian fashion products.  One hitch, that high quality message requires a “Made in Italy” label.  Making “Italian” products in China does not earn the desired label.  So, Italy imported a Chinese workforce to ply their skills on Italian soil.  As a result, there are now over 300,000 ethnic Chinese living in mostly northern Italy.  Many of these new residents had ties to Wuhan, China – origin of the virus.  There is no question that travel, to and from Wuhan to celebrate Chinese New Year this winter, spread the virus to Italy.

Logically, Patient Zero in Italy would be a Chinese or a Caucasian who returned from Wuhan.  But no one has identified that individual.  I’ve tried to find out how many Chinese-Italians have died from the virus – an indication of the Ground Zero community.  Curiously, neither Italy nor the United States has published such ethnic statistics.  (As an aside, I frequently visited Manhattan’s Chinatown once or twice a month before the pandemic, but have heard absolutely no reports of how that community is faring.  I suspect the media and politicians don’t want “to go there,” investigation-wise.)

For those of you who understandably balance your media viewing with FOX News, you may have seen videos of public figures in New York City urging people to join in Chinatown’s Lunar New Year festivities in February despite dire warnings from experts.  Mayor DeBlasio’s Health Commissioner, Oxiris Barbot (a Puerto Rican lady) actually dismissed the virus threat and, along with Democratic city Councilman John Liu, urged viewers to come celebrate in Chinatown.  NYC is now our nation’s viral epicenter.

You will not see these clips or scores of others that are unflattering to Democratic politicians and pundits.  My daily New York Times contains more anti-Trump editorials and op-eds than I can digest in one sitting.  (There’s a blood feud going on.) The overriding message the mainstream media sends out is that Trump is going to kill us all – Speaker Nancy Pelosi is saying as much (another blood feud!).  Even Trump’s daily TV briefings are being lambasted as disinformation, propaganda, or political theater, even when Dr. Anthony Fauci is present.  Trump is treated worse than Red China in the media.  The New York Times was kicked out of Red China for snooping around too much, yet there is little bad blood there!  I have to watch The Five on FOX for any balance.

When this “Red Pandemic,” as I call it, is finally brought to heel, there will be a tremendous reckoning with Red China.  Experts agree that the Communist Party covered up the severity of the virus, and the consensus is that the virus escaped via unsanitary wild animal containment.  I have yet to read or hear anyone say the world needs to eradicate this Chinese cultural menace that has unleashed on humanity endless flus and plagues.  Even Steve Bannon, Trump’s ideologue, forgives Chinese culture, blaming only their politics.

Only a drug and vaccine will control coronavirus at this point.  Even if lockdowns slow it here, nations like Brazil and Mexico will shortly explode and send it back to us.  Both countries have opted out of any prevention measures.  Worse, Muslim war zones like Afghanistan and Syria, have prioritized their fratricidal killing and producing refugees instead of combating disease.

Red China will hopefully find its economic future behind it, as Western nations reverse the wholesale reliance on Chinese industry and technology – something the much despised President Trump has urged since he was a candidate.

Most of all, I hope that Americans of all stripes will redirect their fears and disdain to the real culprit.  Made in America will be our ultimate salvation. -JLM

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  1. You have voiced what most reasonable people suspect. Contrary to the garbage being spewed by mainstream media outlets and pundits, it is not racist or discriminatory to suspect that Patient Zero or the original transmitters were Chinese or Caucasian travelers from Wuhan, or that a high percentage of the original infections and fatalities were ethnic Chinese, Chinese Americans or Caucasians that traveled to Italy and the US in December and January. Also glad to see that you recognize the political theater that is taking place in the mainstream media.

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