Scorsese’s Gangster Flop: You Can Skip ‘Irishman’ by Rosario A. Iaconis

  • New York Post
  • 6 Dec 2019
  • Peyser’s vivisection of Martin Scorsese’s “The Irishman” is a long-overdue critique of this turgid piece of cinematic tripe. 
  • In addition to the film’s glorification of grisly violence, underlying misogyny and lack of narrative cohesiveness, there’s another problem with Scorsese’s apocryphal mob movie: It’s the bigotry, stupid.

    Scorsese, Francis Coppola, & Co. — including the likes of De Niro, Al Pacino, Joe Pesci and Chazz Palminteri — have achieved fame and fortune by incessantly depicting Italian-Americans as a vile criminal underclass.

    Journalist Clyde Haberman underscored this sad reality: “Among major ethnic groups that have formed the country’s social bedrock for at least a century, Americans of Italian origin may be the last to see themselves reflected in mass culture, time and again, as nothing but a collection of losers and thugs.”

    “The Irishman” is but the latest manifestation of such odious themes masquerading as art.

  • Rosario A. Iaconis Mineola

1 thought on “Scorsese’s Gangster Flop: You Can Skip ‘Irishman’ by Rosario A. Iaconis”

  1. I believe the new cable series “Harlem is Mine” (supposedly based on “real events”) sets a new standard of vile and undisguised I-A defamation, at its absolute worst. Speaking of Chazz Palminteri, he has a role in this series as well, and portrays the most odious I-A character I have ever seen in any movie or TV show. This is the same Chazz who spoke out publicly in support of the St Frances Cabrini statue. Such a contradiction is certainly baffling, to say the least. Does he not believe there is a consequence to pervasive media I-A negative stereotyping of the type he so often takes part in.

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