A Haunting Melody

As the October deadline for the British exit from the European Union approaches I can’t help but recall the line from an Italian song written during the North African campaign of the Second World War: “…la fine dell’Inghilterra incomincia da Giarabub!” (“the end of England begins at Giarabub.”)

You can find the story of Giarabub in The Italic Way issue XXXIII, 2005 in our on-line Research Library.  It details the 14-week siege of an Italian Army outpost in Libya in 1940-41.  The song was written soon after the siege for a Fascist movie.  But who knew then that even in victory the British Empire was doomed?

That doom was sealed when Fascist Italy and Great Britain failed to reach an agreement in the Mediterranean, leaving Hitler to carry out his Mein Kampf agenda.  What followed was a European continent drained of treasure, and worse, population.  European colonial empires collapsed and Third World populations reversed the flow of European migration.  We are witnessing those results to this very day.

Mussolini’s quest for colonies in Africa were as much about exporting Italy’s burgeoning population as a quest for resources and strategic advantage. When Libya was “pacified” in the early 1930s shiploads of Italian colonists with tools and livestock were sent over – 20,000 in 1938.  No sooner was the conquest of Ethiopia completed then Italian engineers and contractors poured into the country to create roads, power stations, hospitals, and communities for colonists.  The White race was on a roll until Hitler made Europe the killing field.

The global migrations we see today were predicted by an Italian-born Englishman in 1925. In the book The Peril of the White, Sir Leo George Chiozza Money (he added that strange last name upon immigrating) addressed the declining European birth rate after the First World War. He maintained that “the European stock cannot presume to hold magnificent [colonial] areas indefinitely, even while it refuses to people them…” he further warned that it was suicidal for Europeans to fight among themselves since they are a minority of the global population.  In witnessing Japan’s technological rise, Chiozza predicted “the possibility of Europe [the White race] perishing through the employment by the coloured races of its own scientific methods.”  In other words, giving away our technology and engineering (read China, today) would be our undoing.

Chiozza (right) was an economist and Liberal government minister who initiated the Atlantic convoy system during the First World War. He also condemned the concentration of wealth in society.

A new book, The Human Tide by Paul Morland, examines history via populations.  When ethnic groups go into overdrive – high birthrates, low infant mortality and healthy adults –  they burst their seams.  This is how Roman Italy conquered the Western world, the Vikings infested Europe, the Arabs swept across Africa and into Europe, the Moguls subdued China, and Europeans colonized the globe.  Just think how Anglo-Saxons managed to inundate North America and Australia and dominate Africa and Asia in the space of two centuries.

Britain lost its empire, as did Italy, France, and Holland as a result of the Second World War. Now these nations are losing their ethnic core populations.  As Chiozza predicted, the West decimated itself in fratricidal wars and launched the rise of the Third World populations with Western medical breakthroughs, agricultural innovations, and sanitary engineering.

Paul Morland explains that since these dramatic changes in populations occurred fairly recently, we are reaping the violence that comes when the majority of an exploding population are teens and young adult males – testosterone fuels Al Qaeda, ISIS, and migrants who dare the sea and desert to flee poverty.

In 1950, Euro-Caucasians were 29% of the world’s population. Today we are 15%.  By the end of this century we will be only 11%.

Perhaps more than England’s dominance ended at Giarabub. -JLM

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  1. Mr. Mancini,
    Excellent article on Chris Cuomo.
    He has done more harm to our Italian reputation, then, any movie that was made.
    Here’s a guy from a very prominent family, who was educated at prestigious schools.
    He put us back 20 years. He is nothing but a street guy.

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