Feeling Their Oats

If Euro-Americans are not yet a minority, we may as well be.

Although the projected demise of our majority is set for 2045, people of color are chomping at the bit, some of their leaders not even waiting for the starting gates to open. That target date may be off by a few years because the predictors are assuming that 21 million White Hispanics are not Euros – perhaps an insulting assumption.

Notwithstanding your politics, I think we can all agree that immigrants – legal and illegal – are transforming both North America and Europe. Even the Valhalla of blonds, Sweden, is now 19% non-Euro.  Italy has a non-White population of 1.5 million out of 58 million.

Minority activists in politics and in the “outrage” movements are challenging Euro-centricity on every level, even down to paintings and history books.  Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) has been nibbling at House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) since she came on-board in January.  So it is with Somali-American Ilhan Omar (D-MN) who, despite being given asylum from her failed women-as-chattel homeland and elected here to national prominence, labels the U.S. a racist country.

In New York, we see the coming tide vividly. Both houses of our state legislature are led by African Americans bent on increasing illegal immigrant privileges, and are exercising minority power with a new-found confidence. They see a nation on the cusp of a power transfer that the mainstream media and Hollywood magnify and abet.  Democratic leaders like Pelosi and NY Governor Andrew Cuomo need all their political skills to ride the wave without being devoured by it.  But the nature of this revolution is ultimately anti-Euro.

In the eastern Long Island village of Greenport, where we own an apartment, a vote was recently held on a bond issue to upgrade the high school.  The building houses only 236 students in all four grades.  The school board was asking for a $24 million bond, which would increase taxes on average by $1,000 per year.  (Taxes on a one-family house are now about $10,000.)  Euro-American students make up 47% of the high school, the majority are Hispanics and Blacks. The elementary school is only 25% Euro-American, which will soon be the same proportion in the “upgraded” high school.  In short, the village demographics are changing radically.  The bond was defeated by only 23 votes.  But it will resurface in the fall, and as many times thereafter until opposition melts away.

Make no mistake, not only are Euro-Americans blamed for everyone’s ills but we are expected to happily bankroll our replacements. I’m not against public education, but who else is bearing the burden?  Some 65% of Greenport students are on lunch subsidies.  Can their parents afford our taxes?  Many of those parents are immigrants and on Section 8 rent subsidies.  Perhaps, upgrading our “antiquated” high school can be their dream project someday.

Eventually, even the most generous Euro-Americans will come to the realization that our replacements will have to stand on their own feet. Illegal “Dreamers” will have to scrape up their own money for college.  Those seeking reparations for slavery or forgiveness of student loans will have to figure out another way to tap government largesse.  Even those who cannot read English will have to “do the math” before signing impossible contracts.

A minor scandal today in New York City revolves around taxi medallions – licenses to operate the famous Yellow Cabs in Manhattan.  It seems immigrants overpaid for those medallions, sometimes as much as $1 million.  In the stories I read, investors had no idea that they were signing for a million dollar loan or thought they could still make a profit.  Some drivers committed suicide when Uber and Lyft cut into their ridership.  City officials and lawyers want to make things right.

If there is an overriding theme to the coming demographic change in America it is “to make things right.” There isn’t an injustice in any sector of our society – from gender identity to historical crimes – that hasn’t been deemed an outrage.  And even though we may think that time and our open society are dealing with all injustices, things are not moving fast enough or in the right direction to suit “victims.”  Clearly, those victims – our replacements – will show us how it’s done.

But they can’t wait for their time.  The revolution is at hand! -JLM

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