A Topsy-Turvy World

The other day, New York City’s Police Commissioner publicly apologized to the Gay community for his department’s past treatment of homosexuals during the now-famous Stonewall Riots of 1969, in Greenwich Village.

Our nation has been undergoing catharsis on multiple levels. A general and comprehensive purge is taking place as victims awaken and the usual suspects are rounded up.  What was legal yesteryear is a crime today, and vice versa.

As more alternative sex practitioners exit the closet we are overwhelmed by the variety of what used to be just male and female genders. Lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transsexuals, and queers (LGBTQ) all want their day in the sun (better they practice in the shadows!)  Although they are owed an apology, so are straight people.  Has the gay community forgotten how their promiscuity nearly ruined sex and blood banks for everyone?  The darkness of HIV and AIDS were well on their way to another Black Plague until an Italian American and Frenchman identified the virus.

Perhaps the LGBTQ community, which seems to do no wrong these days, ought to celebrate a “Dr. Robert Gallo Day” every year. Besides co-discovering the AIDS virus in 1987, Gallo and his Italian colleagues Paolo Lusso, and Fiorenza Cocchi found in 1995 the key inhibitors to control HIV from progressing into full-blown AIDS and sure death. It’s the treatment that still saves lives today.

Gratitude is not the operative words in today’s society.

The world has turned upside down. It’s a place where gays want to be formally married and straight kids avoid any nuptials. It’s where unmanageable debt is no longer a personal problem but one for taxpayers to solve.  It’s where political candidates seem to represent illegal aliens more than citizens.

What is truly remarkable is how blasé the younger generations are about Western values and the civilization that they were blessed to be born into. Cicero famously said, “Not to know what happened before you were born is to forever remain a child.” Few Americans coming into adulthood have any knowledge of the many dead-end utopias humanity has suffered through – from the communist “paradise” to fanatical theocracy.  They believe that things like equality of women, cell phones, television, air travel, air conditioning, precision engineering, the rule of law, and medical science were there for the taking.  They could have come out of Asia or Africa just as easily as from European minds.  Get real!

Galileo often said “Difficult things look easy when someone shows you how.” But in our topsy-turvy society Western civilization is the root of all evil not the vehicle of progress.  This is especially true when the broadcast media avoids inconvenient facts.

Researchers estimate more than 513,000 girls and women in the U.S. have experienced or are at risk of genital mutilation. Worldwide, as many as 140 million girls and women alive today have been cut.  These are overwhelmingly Muslim females from African cultures. But Africa’s problems are consistently blamed on European colonialism not Arab Muslim invasions, and certainly not on Africans themselves.

Likewise, with Climate Change. While the industrial nations are clearly contributing to CO2, we never hear of population control as an alternative.  We have doubled the planet’s population since my childhood to 7 billion souls.  But tackling population control can be racist and certainly not in the interests of global corporations.

Which brings me to the prime-mover in shaking up our world and values – corporate imperium, the growth of global giants. Nationalism may be on many people’s radar but nationalism is a reaction to global corporations.  The ideal world for the multinational is open borders, union-free labor, unlimited credit, and a consumer culture.

The same principle that brought Greece to its economic knees works on young Americans – extend all the credit they require until they choke on it. In the topsy-turvy world frugality is a mortal sin, self-sacrifice is for losers, and responsibility is only for fools.

We have heard that most Americans cannot scrape together $400 to pay an unexpected bill. Yet, we also hear of illegal aliens raising $20,000 to pay coyotes to sneak their families into the United States.

In this topsy-turvy world, if you can raise $20,000 in Guatemala why come here? -JLM

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