Who’s Paying Attention?

I prefer not using this space to delve into partisan politics, but I cannot help wonder when domestic strife will ever be put on the back burner.

Anyone recall an impeachment of President Lyndon Baines Johnson during the Vietnam War, or even the threat of one? A whole generation of American males was upended with the military draft.  Tens of thousands of our youth were shipped to Southeast Asia where death, disfigurement, and mental distress awaited them.  Subsequent history informs us that the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution, that blank check Congress issued to a conniving Johnson, was based on a contrived sea attack.

Does anyone recall an impeachment movement against President George W. Bush for dragging us into the Iraq War of 2003? It was another blank check by Congress based on presidential disinformation.  Not only did that war give us deadly and costly lessons in the violent difference between Shiite and Sunni Muslims but plopped us permanently into the middle of that Islamic insanity.

Congress learned its lesson, right? Maybe that’s why the House is hell-bent on impeaching President Donald Trump, not for setting up a new war against Iran or destroying the Palestinian peace process, but for playing chicken with the Mueller Report.

Depending on what media you are connected to, the United States is either in a dire Constitutional crisis or Trump-hating has become obsessive-compulsive behavior.

From my previous blogs you know that I support some of Trump’s agenda: to reverse Red China’s road to hegemony, to end open border policies, as examples.  Even if you hate Trump, you must admit that even a broken clock is correct twice a day.  Notwithstanding, I’m opposed to more of his actions than I support – his blank check to Israel, his undermining of Obamacare, his reduction of IRS auditors, and his disdain for climate change, among others.

But, as a New Yorker whose career was in real estate, The Donald is no surprise to me.  Egotism abounds, as does cunning.  Exposing Trump’s real estate tax-dodges in the 1990s as shock news is ludicrous to anyone who has owned income property.  I recall damning Congress back then for increasing property depreciation write-offs from 15 to 27.5 years.   Real estate taught me much about human nature and business, as it did Donald Trump.  He’s now applying it globally.

His opposition didn’t invent political sniping. There were the Republican sideshows of Whitewater and Benghazi against the Clintons, and Trump’s obsession with President Obama’s birth certificate, but this new political standoff has got everyone in the nation distracted from the real problems of the world.

Trump’s ideologues John Bolton and Mike Pompeo – the former promoted the Iraq War, the latter believes in The Biblical Rapture – are playing fast and loose with Iran while Congressmen Schiff and Nadler are busy Trump-hunting.

I sense that half of America is hoping North Korea and Red China will be Trump’s downfall. Mainstream media is sowing defeatism as it highlights rising consumer costs as a result of Trump tariffs on Chinese goods.  Where is the exposure of Chinese theft of industrial and military secrets?  NBC Nightly News, reporting the scarcity of helium, lamented how party balloons were adversely affected.  Those balloons, not the helium, are made in Red China.  Not only are party balloons a waste of earth’s resources but they add to global pollution.  However, none of that offsets the media’s “human interest” perspective.  So, Trump’s battle with a surging Red China is actually a consumer, not national, issue for our media.

Both parties have paralyzed this country. We are no closer to resolving open borders, healthcare, or Islamic anarchy.  The 2020 elections may only compound the dysfunction of our ruling class.  Many Democrats think Russia engineered Trump’s 2016 victory.  Others believe the Electoral College, which actually did, must be amended out of the Constitution.  (There’s a movement toward expanding the Senate to include representatives of Indian tribes and overseas territories to block Euro-American control.)  House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is already warning her party that anything less than a Democratic landslide in 2020 will make the country ungovernable.

Well, that has already happened. -JLM

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