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If he’s still in office next month, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will inform the world that the Jewish State has landed a probe on the moon making his country the fourth to accomplish that feat. Only the U.S., Russia, and Red China have done so.

On Saturday, Italy’s Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte authorized Red China to take control of the port of Trieste – the first such “landing” by Communist China in a G-7 industrialized country.

These two events speak volumes of the ascendancy of the Jewish people and the decline of the Italic people. Like Climate Change, there are those who see nothing in these things and those who see a new future.

Jews around the world will have one more thing to be proud of – that a group of private Jewish entrepreneurs and investors willed the $95 million moon project to completion in the name of the Israel.

Jews are on a roll.

Despite their constant whining about being at odds with each other over theology, Palestinian rights, U.S. politics, and a myriad of subjects, they have a knack for bringing home the (kosher) bacon. Even as Jewish Democrats are leading the charge to impeach President Donald Trump, he is the best friend Israel ever had.  He has moved the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem, cut off Palestinian aid, accepted the annexation of the Golan Heights, made Iran a total pariah among nations, and placed Israel above all other allies.  If Trump isn’t the much-awaited Messiah he’s the next best thing.

Then, there are the Italic people. Our ancestral homeland is always on the make, trying to keep la dolce vita alive by marrying different suitors every few decades. After the war, it was the United States which shored up Italy with Marshall Plan aid, military bases, and slush funds to keep it from going Communist.  But, Americans also liberated the Mafia and endless political corruption.  So, in the 1990s Italians agreed to join the new European Union, adopt the euro and let Brussels instill fiscal discipline and honesty in Rome.  That’s not working out so well, as Italy’s debt is worsening and the country is awash in African immigrants.  Just this week a Senegal-Italian bus driver set fire to his bus with 51 children on board to protest Italy’s new anti-immigrant policies.  Italian police stormed the bus in time to save everyone.

So, it is with much fanfare that PM Giuseppe Conte gleefully signed on to Red China’s “One Belt One Road” program to thumb Italy’s nose at its European partners. The deal promises billions in Chinese investments for new port facilities, roads and rails – all to inject Chinese products faster into Europe’s bloodstream.  In return, Red China agrees to accept more Italian exports.  (We’ve heard that promise before!)  But, like impoverished Greece – which has already given the Chinese the deed to Piraeus, Athens’s port city, and its airports to the Germans – Italy is desperate for a new suitor.  In contrast, Israel already has a hen-pecked lover.

I almost gagged when I read an op-ed piece in Saturday’s NY Times claiming that AIPAC, the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee, wields little power in U.S. affairs.  That the Times would print such tripe and its readers believe it is the stuff of fake news. Our own Nancy Pelosi is almost a charter member of this Jewish lobby, addressing the throng every year.  Some 18,000 journey to Washington, DC to participate in this annual charade that claims a marginal influence on our elected sheep.  One of the hot topics is to push a congressional resolution to oppose boycotts of products and investments in Israeli-occupied territories.  Imagine such a resolution opposing sanctions on the Russian occupation of Crimea?

Today, I heard the former Chief Rabbi of Britain Lord Jonathan Sacks say that after 38 centuries of history, the Jewish people have both a sovereign state in Israel and freedom & equality in the diaspora. In short, these are the halcyon days of their existence – never been better!

Can the desperate Italic people claim that? -JLM

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  1. Italy never landed a probe on the moon, but was the third country in the world, after the U.S. and the Soviet Union, to launch a scientific earth satellite. This took place in 1964, from the Broglio launch center, which is situated on a sea platform off the coast of Kenya, the only spacecraft launch center built on a floating sea platform. Italian space activity has continued uninterrupted since then. In fact, just today, the Italian Space Agency launched an earth-observation satellite named PRISMA in a sun-synchronous orbit. The European Vega rocket placed the PRISMA satellite in a sun-synchronous orbit around the earth. The satellite is expected to help scientists study the earth and its environment. By sending back data on natural resources and critical environmental parameters, the PRISMA satellite will benefit humanity in new and important ways.

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