Citizenship Debased

The recent murder of U.S. Navy cryptologist Shannon Kent in Syria by a suicide bomber is a revealing story. The Associated Press report stated she was 35-years old and left two children – no names, no ages. The New York Times didn’t even mention her children, nor did NBC’s Nightly News.

But these national media outlets often direct our attention to the Mexican border with stories of administrative family separations of illegals, while Shannon Kent’s family may only make the local news.

Shannon Kent was the mother of two boys – I can only guess they are under 15 – and a cancer survivor who served our country in eight deployments away from her family. Some would say that Chief Petty Officer Kent volunteered to serve our country, as though that mitigates the tragedy. No such rationalization is made for border separations. There, mothers are choosing to violate our border using children as pawns. We can blame ISIS for Kent’s murder but the media is more interested in blaming the U.S. government for any heart-wrenching treatment of border violators.

We are witnessing the deconstruction of citizenship. Once considered a prerequisite to assimilation and success, citizenship has become merely a seating upgrade.

The Romans pioneered citizenship and the means to become one – even slaves could elevate themselves. It was a far cry from the ancient Greek and Chinese treatment of other ethnics as “barbarians”, or the Jewish disdain for gentiles. Individuals and cities could step up to full Roman citizenship through “Italian rights” and “Latin rights.” Each level brought special treatment in marriage, commerce, taxation, and voting. Some achieved citizenship after serving in a Roman auxiliary legion. Europeans carried the Roman concept to America. But, the Chinese and Central Americans are exploiting the “anchor baby” bypass.

Theatrical displays in Congress demonstrate that “open borders” is not just a concept but a reality. You can witness on YouTube U.S. Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) egging on Acting Immigration Director Ronald Vitiello to compare his enforcement section (ICE) to the KKK. He refuses. You can see Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ) go ballistic on Homeland Security Director Kirstjen Nielsen for not walking out on President Trump when he allegedly disparaged African nations as “shitholes” in a private meeting.

Illegals and foreign countries can now count on our elected officials to protect them from U.S. laws. We are witnessing a civil rights movement for the “undocumented.”

Around the country, citizenship is being diluted city-by-city. Illegal residents in San Francisco can now vote on school ballots. California makes them eligible for special driver’s licenses, college tuition discounts, and child healthcare. Two cities in Maryland permit non-citizens to vote in local elections. New York City is now extending free health coverage to illegal aliens. Sanctuary cities refuse to cooperate with Federal immigration officials. In the Massachusetts towns of Cambridge and Amherst resolutions have been passed to allow non-citizens the vote. The towns are awaiting approval by the state legislature.

The DACA people – some 800,000 of them, brought here illegally by their parents – may have almost as many advocates in Congress as Israel!

And lest you think that DACA is solely a Hispanic problem, I give you Joe Giudice (aka Giuseppe Giudice) former star of the reality show The Real Housewives of New Jersey. It seems Joe was brought here at age one, and while growing up, both his parents obtained citizenship but didn’t think their son needed to apply. Now 48, Joe got caught like many illegals by breaking U.S. law – financial fraud and tax evasion. He is currently serving 41 months in prison, but when he gets out this March it’s off he goes back to il Bel Paese.

Of course, he is appealing deportation on family grounds – his wife is also a star on the show and served jail time – having four children. With criminal records and promoting cafone images on Real Housewives, the only word of comfort I can give the Giudices is addio!

Let’s show America how an Italian gets deported! -JLM


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