Making Sense of America

Issues like illegal immigration and military intervention make you wonder where the zone of reason lies in our current politics.

“The Wall” is just as much an obsession of the left as it is of the right. There was a caravan of thousands, not a figment of Trump’s imagination, planning to violate our border.  They were instructed by their handlers to bring their babies to melt American hearts.  President Trump convinced the Mexican government to sequester these thousands in Mexico rather than let them cross our porous border.  In effect, Mexico has become our “first wall” preventing, not only the on-rush of these thousands, but discouraging the tens of thousands who dream of more caravans.

By the way, the separation of an American female military member from her children while serving in the killing fields of Afghanistan disturbs me more than the media-hyped separation of illegals at our border.

Maybe walls really work.  The Israelis build them all the time with success and no government shutdowns.  Both Senator Chuck Schumer and Representative Nancy Pelosi have no problem with walls to keep out Palestinians. They are even ready to give Trump most of his $5 billion if he doesn’t call it a “wall.”

In the matter of the powder keg that is Syria today, the same people who lambasted George W for his catastrophe in Iraq (but voted for it!) now think we should stay forever in Muslim countries.  Once, the media and a majority of Americans, chastened by the fall of Vietnam, foreswore military interventions.  Today, only President Trump seems to question global policing.  The mainstream media, the generals, expansionist liberals, the feminist movement, and Israeli lobbyists have coalesced into a war faction pushing many agendas:  democracy must be spread, Afghan women must be liberated, Russia must be confronted in Ukraine and Syria, and Iran must be destroyed.

President Eisenhower warned us of the military-industrial complex, but I had no idea that the complex was so diverse. The irony is that when Trump sends troops to secure our border or starts a “trade war” with Red China to prevent its global takeover the war faction is aghast.  When he wants to pull out of Syria and Afghanistan – hornet’s nests of religious and political anarchy – he is betraying allies.  When he tells NATO members to pull their weight he is committing treason.  Trump has become America’s worst enemy in the eyes of so many, even when he has a valid point or two.

Maybe, what we need is a new draft to calm down the war faction, where every male and female between the ages of 18 – 25 is required to serve. Maybe then our military bravado will have limits, as it did after Vietnam.  Perhaps, a restored draft – with military and civilian national service – would also resolve many domestic problems, from opioid use to assimilation, and minority imprisonment.

Right now, citizens and non-citizen males between the ages of 18 – 25 are still required to register with Selective Service.

“The penalties for not registering can be very serious. A man who fails to register may, if prosecuted and convicted, face a fine of up to $250,000 and/or a prison term of up to five years. Not registering can also affect your ability to go to school, become a citizen and get a valid job in the United States.” – Selective Service website.

It seems to me, merely enforcing the existing Selective Service Act would wake up American youth as well as the illegals among us.

Having served in the Army and witnessed the later transformation of our society through technology and immigration, I wonder if it is even possible for any military or government agency to remold our “glorious mosaic.” It would be like herding cats.  The various religious rituals, dress, and diets; the food allergies; the mesmerizing attachment to i-phones; the #MeToo Movement; and confusion of sexual identities are mind-boggling challenges.  On the plus side, national service and discipline could weed out mental cases for gun control, socialize loners, offer neighborhood kids a broader perspective, and get sedentary youth off their butts.

I have a dream! – JLM






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  1. Indeed, military service just might create the society we once enjoyed…a love for and with America. And for sure, these are unsettling times in our minds, hearts and spirits. May these times all be uplifted in this Christmas season, a time of Light in our world!

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