Provoking a Civil War

The New York Times is going on a war footing these days. Thomas Friedman, a Times journalist I hold in highest regard, predicts an “American Civil War, Part II.”  Another op-ed writer, Charles Blow, warns “Liberals, This is War.” Every day, in newspaper editorials and op-eds the war drums are sounding on both sides.

Donald Trump may not be the most intellectual being on the planet but he has become the mentor of a traditional America – one of White privilege, nativism, and plutocracy – now termed Trumpism. Arrayed against him are the forces of equality, compassion, and globalism.  Most wars start with jingos and labels.

If the abolitionist movement sparked the first Civil War, this one is being kindled by the diversity movement. Basically, half the country believe themselves victims striving for liberation while the other half believe the nation is heading to anarchy.

With the election of Trump via the Electoral College – a device the Founding Fathers invented to blunt social upheaval – the forces of change were traumatized. After all, progress is supposed to be unassailable and unstoppable.

Diversity, as the current vehicle of change, aims to end White Heterosexual Privilege. But the pushback has surprised many liberal pundits.  According to Paul Krugman, economist turned social expert of the NYTimes, “…the rage of white men, upper class as well as working class…may destroy America as we know it.”  In other words, just swallow the change.

Like most Americans, I am reasonable and pragmatic. Diversity is not a dirty word, immigration is not evil, and mixing social welfare with capitalism isn’t heresy.  But some folks don’t know when the balance is struck.  When does Affirmative Action end?  When are quotas to reflect every race, gender, religion, and sexual orientation considered absurd?  Is there ever a limit to open borders?

Many underestimate the media’s role in provoking this “civil war.” Newspapers, television news, and social media are not innocent bystanders or unbiased witnesses.  The mere fact that editors decide what to show you and in what order make them suspect.  Many a war was fomented by the news media – the Spanish-American War is the classic example.

To our credit, when Italian Americans object to Mafia images we blame the media not the U.S. government or the White establishment. We admit that these images were born within our own community by a few real gangsters who are magnified by our filmmakers funded by movie moguls.  Likewise, White racism – which exists but is not unique to Euro-Americans – is magnified daily by a media that seems to classify every African American victimization as White-on-Black racism.

Recently, two local incidents were hawked on the major news channels. In one, a White woman thought a 9-year old Black youngster touched her bottom while she was shopping.  She called 911, but was later shown a store video proving instead that the boy’s backpack accidentally rubbed against her – she apologized.  In the second, a White woman suspecting a carjacking called 911 when she saw two White children in the back of a car driven by a young Black male.  The male was actually babysitting the children.  Embarrassment all around, but the enduring message was clear: White racism, not overzealous women.  Pile on enough incidents and you’ve got Yellow Journalism.

The Census Bureau feeds the media the ultimate provocation: Euro-Americans will be a minority by 2045 or so.  Is it any wonder Euro-Americans react badly to such news, in fear of being a minority?  They know open borders will not bring in more Norwegians or Aussies.  And, will that be the end of White Privilege?  Will the Census Bureau permanently assign 21 million White Hispanics to non-White status to fulfill the prophesy?  (Good-bye Gloria Estefan and Ted Cruz!)  We also fear that Euro-American traditions – like Columbus Day and Christmas – will eventually be on the chopping block of political correctness.

The ultimate irony, of course, is that this provocative media is dominated by Euro-Americans. –JLM

2 thoughts on “Provoking a Civil War”

  1. The leftist media talking heads are apoplectic about the use of “mob” to refer to the actions of the left. It is probably not because they equate “mob” with an unruly crowd but, rather, because they equate mob with the “Italian Mafia”, and its use of threats, intimidation and violence. A Google search on “the mob” brings up 278 million hits, so it is not unreasonable to believe that “mob” conveys to many people, if not most, the latter definition.

  2. An additional problem by my standards seems to be the “sensible left” and the “sensible right” have no formidable spokespersons…..the media also gives a lot of coverage to “neo-Nazis, “Antifa” and the like..Facebook seems to be a barometer of the country and a casual perusal reveals some hefty polarization…..the right is in absolute terror of the Ocasio-Cortez types…..the left is having a major meltdown about everybody……the media does not present us with anything going on that may be constructive behind the scenes as political commentator Reihan Salam just mentioned on Bill Maher this week….I think he would agree with your prognosis here……

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