The Gripes of Wrath

It seems everyone has a gripe these days.  It feels like nothing is right in America, like the End Times are upon us. The country is boiling with a stew of racism and phobias. On the bright side, all the complainers seems to agree on the source of all this misery. It’s the straight White guys.

The message is clear: no one will ever be satisfied until heterosexual/White America lets go of the reins. White males appear to be the authors of all injustice and the barrier to all who pursue happiness – from the corporate lecher who preys on naïve women to the policeman who uses Blacks for target practice.

We cannot deny that Euro-Caucasians hold the reins of power in the U.S. Nor can we deny there are lots of bad apples in the White barrel. But it is also true that there are plenty of Euro-Caucasians who openly espouse, and practice, multiculturalism and power-sharing.  It is they who provide the funding and the platforms for our disgruntled minorities and even for the millions here illegally.

It is a mistake to believe that racial and gender minorities will bring justice and universal harmony when they run the show. In fact, these disgruntled have already captured the national narrative. We can hear it in the mainstream press, broadcasting, movies, and in our vocabulary.

I didn’t realize until the other day that I am a “cisgender” person, that is, I identify with the sex assigned on my birth certificate. Who knew we had a choice until the LGBTQAI (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Asexual, Intersexual –“hermaphrodite”) movement captured the microphones of the planet.

On the ethnic/racial front, African Americans find themselves sharing the victim scaffold with Mestizos, East Asians and South Asians. Someone should devise a Richter Scale for bigotry. No doubt Anti-Semitism tops the chart, but we need to sort out a hierarchy for anti-Black, anti-Gay, anti-Asian, anti-Immigrant, Anti-Islam, and other odium.

How long can Euro-Caucasians actually kill everyone’s dream when minority populations explode from births, immigration, and gender transfers?  Both the media and corporate America are pandering to the changing numbers.  Check out the boards of large corporations and you will find ample minority representation.  [The Bank of America, founded by A.P. Giannini, has not one Italian American on its board but includes two Blacks, one Hispanic, and five non-Italic women.]

Sneaker manufacturer Nike realized that 78% of their customers are African American, so it was easy for them to create the recent ad campaign glorifying former NFL “kneeler” Colin Kaepernick. (By the way, he is of mixed race born to single mom Heidi Russo – that’s right! – who put him up for adoption.)

It is not enough for advancing minorities to share the media, government, and corporations. It is of vital importance in raising their children (natural and adopted) that they have laudable ancestry, world-class heroes to pump up racial, ethnic, and gender pride. As they say, history is written by the victors and our educational system reflects Euro-Caucasian bias.

Today’s minority children need alternate histories, for traditional history is not their story. It needs to be redacted and reinterpreted.  More than that, a parallel history is required to further tarnish our “rose-colored” version.  Essentially, Western Civilization must be diminished for the sake of the rainbow coalition that succeeds us.

Will it be our turn to gripe? -JLM

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  1. Your piece raises some very profound questions regarding the future of the U.S. We are told that diversity, multi-culturism and globalism are all good and desirable goals. Yet, it is obvious that many peoples and cultures in the world don’t share these concepts. Well over 10 years ago, we read about Muslims in Europe boasting they would not need arms to take over Europe but, rather, would do so by the wombs of their women. All indications are they are well on the way to succeeding in this; that is, if the Chinese don’t beat them to it. We don’t see China clamoring for a global society since their goal is complete Chinese world domination through economic and military power, aided by a mega population. In reality, everything is about race, culture and religion.

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