Get Whitey!

You don’t have to be paranoid to sense that Euro-Caucasians, aka White people, are soon to receive their come-uppance for ruining the lives and cultures of everyone on the planet. Forget any good that they have done. Every disgruntled group is circling our carcass. Native Americans want school children to believe Columbus was a genocidal ignoramus, African Americans want 400 years of brutal sweat-equity repaid, Hispanics want a revolving door at the border, East Asians want to be let loose in academia, and South Asians want to be the new White Guys.

What links all these groups together are White liberals and White Media, without whom these usurpers would be crying out in the wilderness. No doubt, these Whites are sincere in providing artillery support to the underdogs, but they are smart enough not to let the barrage come too close to their own trenches.  They feel a deep sense of racial injustice and their reaction is indicative of Euro-Caucasian corrective behavior.

It all started when European civilization broke free of ignorance, dogma, and sexism to soar where no other cultures had gone before.  As Italic people we pretty much led the way to that civilization by preserving the ancient Greeks and Westernizing the Jews.  It took the Roman Empire, a Renaissance, and some amazing feats of navigation, but our ancestors broke all the barriers and made Europeans masters of innovation and the model for modernity – from democracy to technology.  In the process, many races suffered at our hands or refused to participate in our ground-breaking ventures.  And, admittedly Europe gave birth to murderous radical ideologies that wreaked global havoc and decreased the Euro-Caucasian population to worrisome numbers.

In last Monday’s NY Times, op-ed writer Charles Blow, an African American, diagnosed Euro-Caucasian reactions to non-White empowerment as “White minority anxiety.”  Even the Census Bureau predicts our demise coming ca. 2044.  But the key to this prediction is the elimination of “White Hispanics” from the White count – a questionable feat of legerdemain.  Today, there are an estimated 21 million White Hispanics – on which side of line would they classify themselves?

Mexican author Valeria Luiselli (sounds Italic) has taken up the cause of Hispanic defamation in the U.S. In last Sunday’s NY Times Review she claimed that Mesoamericans have had enough of demeaning images by Trump and others, (yet, she writes “80% of the women and girls who cross Mexico to get to the U.S. border are raped on the way,” – her words not Trump’s.)  She continues, White America does “indeed have reason to fear the new generation.” She observes that the U.S. is the second largest Spanish-speaking country in the world, an estimated 50 million speakers.  If you add in the ubiquitous bi-lingual signage, the plethora of Spanish TV and radio stations, and voting blocs you might assume the conquest is already complete.

I would suggest that Blacks and Mesoamericans may not like what’s coming after Whitey leaves the stage. Asians are already complaining that public schools and universities are limiting their children to accommodate Blacks and Hispanics.  The new Asian Americans don’t know from slavery, Jim Crow, or Bensonhurst.  East and South Asians are coming here in droves with clean slates unencumbered by race guilt.  They are mostly self-starters, family-oriented, and savvy professionals.  They have had their own problems and multi-ethnic coalitions don’t seem to be their style.

If South Africa is any model, decades after apartheid South Asians as well as Whites are very much behind the scenes manipulating Black politicians. As Asians rise in government and business here I believe such things as affirmative action will be replaced by a new “Asian old-boy network” and a less sympathetic establishment.

As we all have witnessed over our lifetimes, Euro-Caucasians have yielded neighborhoods and whole cities to African Americans and Asians, without protest. But if we are to be the perennial bad guys it would be advisable if the grass-is-greener folks start looking at how Asian cultures address tolerance and multiculturalism.

Whitey may not be that bad after all. -JLM

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  1. Not only Blacks and Mesoamericans, but everyone else will abhor what will come with the demise of Judaic/Christian moral values and Greco/Roman civilization, which will inevitable occur with the balkanization of the U.S. (and Canada too). The “bad America” bunch would like nothing more than to see this happen, given their utopian vision of a brave new world free of all of our present injustices and limitations. Maybe they should pay more attention to what is happening in Venezuela.

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