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Atlantica - The Italian Monthly Review

Atlantica Journal The IIA is proud to announce that it is making the historical journal Atlantica, the Italian Monthly Review, available online to the public.

Atlantica was a monthly journal launched by Dr. F. Cassola in New York in 1925 and published until 1940. The Italic Institute came by forty-two issues as a donation from Dominick Lamonica, who edited the periodical from April, 1930 to July, 1934. These issues are a time capsule of the national Italian-American community that covered social, political, academic, and artistic subjects. There is neither food nor fashion contained here. Atlantica was meant to be a serious reflection of second generation Italic people in America.

No history of Italian Americans is complete without consulting the pages of Atlantica.

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Issues Online

Atlantica April 1930 Atlantica October 1930
Atlantica August 1930 Atlantica November 1930
Atlantica September 1930  

Atlantica January 1931 Atlantica July 1931
Atlantica February 1931 Atlantica August 1931
Atlantica March 1931 Atlantica October 1931
Atlantica April 1931 Atlantica November 1931
Atlantica May 1931 Atlantica December 1931
Atlantica June 1931  

Atlantica January 1932 Atlantica August 1932
Atlantica March 1932 Atlantica September 1932
Atlantica April 1932 Atlantica October 1932
Atlantica May 1932 Atlantica November 1932
Atlantica June 1932 Atlantica December 1932

Atlantica January 1933 Atlantica July 1933
Atlantica February 1933 Atlantica August 1933
Atlantica March 1933 Atlantica September 1933
Atlantica April 1933 Atlantica November 1933
Atlantica June 1933 Atlantica December 1933

Atlantica February 1934 Atlantica May 1934
Atlantica March 1934 Atlantica July 1934
Atlantica April 1934  
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